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- Over 200 characters, Tobal 2 (Square/ Dream Factory)

J. J. Squawkers Completed 1 Coin No Death Hardest Arcade”

Animal Kaiser (PDF version)

what the heck


what the heck

A robotic cleaner delivered a damning indictment of life in Hinterstoder, Austria, on Saturday, by trundling onto a kitchen stove where it ended its days as a pile of ashes.

The local fire brigade reports it was alerted to a house fire at around 1.30pm, and having entered the premises wearing breathing equipment, found the incinerated robot on top of the hotplate of a wood-burning stove.

The 44-year-old owner had apparently left the device switched off on an adjacent worktop, before going out with his family. Left to its own devices, the robot reactivated and wheeled itself into the hereafter.

The game must have been based on an earlier draft of the script.