More Needles in the Camel's Eye

This article contains zero useful information, but there’s a local guy interviewed in it, so I thought I’d save it anyway.

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According to van Scheers’s book, Steven Spielberg saw Turks Fruit and Soldier of Orange, and — after double-checking that they were really the work of the same director — called Verhoeven personally and urged him to come work in Hollywood. There was even a rumor that Spielberg thought about suggesting Verhoeven to George Lucas as a potential director for Return of the Jedi — then saw Spetters and changed his mind.

“I suppose,” Verhoeven said, “he was scared that the Jedi would immediately start fucking.”
Ursula K. Le Guin- Hainish Cycle


Since January I’ve been reading Le Guin’s books on Evan's recommendation. I started with The Left Hand of Darkness and can't get enough. I read 15 of her books this year and can't stop wanting to talk about them. I've decided to to make a quick post about some of my favorite books in The Hainish Cycle, which is the common name for her series of loosely connected books about a peaceful allegiance of planets which sends ambassadors to visit and live on new planets to learn about their culture, make reports, and eventually invite them to join their alliance. It's an excellent device for science fiction world-building and makes for some really incredible stories. Although her books are about “alien” cultures on other planets, they all share a common ancestry and are roughly human. The characters in her books are almost exclusively PoC, and always contain some thoughts on gender, feminism, etc. 

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A bunch of Junot Diaz youtube talks going around on twitter recently, this one is the one I think has some really amazing ideas in it, especially when describing the marionette nature of men writing from a female perspective.