More Needles in the Camel's Eye

Speaking of that last article

It reminded me of this post from Todd Klein last year:

So, Green Lantern continues to rise in popularity, largely because of some great writing by Geoff Johns on his title, and I began to hear about plans to make a big-budget live action film about him. I thought that sounded like a great idea, too, and hoped it would be good. I’d certainly go see it, but my involvement with Green Lantern had ended long ago, so I expected to be merely a fan and observer. Then, in the spring of 2010, I got a surprising and unexpected phone call from Geoff Johns, who I’d never met or spoken to up to that point. Geoff told me that he’d enjoyed the Green Lantern Corps stories I wrote (in fact, he chose some for two recent trade paperback reprints DC published), and he had an offer for me. Geoff was involved in the making of the Green Lantern film, and wanted to use The Green Man as one of the background Corps members in the film. If Dave and I would sign a rights contract allowing DC to use the character any way they liked, we’d get a cash advance up front, and a share of any royalties generated from him, on things like toys. While Geoff emphasized his role in the movie would be small and non-speaking, it was always possible he’d be used more later in cartoons or other films. This was pie in the sky for me, and I was happy to sign the contract DC sent along in a few weeks, and I believe Dave did the same.

When DC, a company currently on a campaign to piss on some the biggest names in the medium, does the whole negotiate-with-creators-for-movie-rights thing better than you do, you have a major fucking problem.